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Tips and Solutions for hãng nokia LUMIA 620 problems. After doing hard sales with Windows Phone 7 family, then now hãng nokia produce the smartphone with cheap price but have good specifications with upgraded operating system Windows Phone 8. NOKIA LUMIA 620 have dual vi xử lý core processor with 1Ghz clock speed, for multitasking applications, this điện thoại have 512 MB RAM which is good to run more applications without problem & navigate at 3.8 inches cảm biến screen LCD with colorful result.

What is Main Advantage of nokia LUMIA 620 Specifications:

GSM 3G HSDPALCD 3.8 inches LCD Capacitive TouchscreenProcessor Dual-core 1 GHz with GPUMemory Internal 8GB ROM with 512 RAMExternal Memory slot Micro SD up to 64GBMain Camera 5 MP, 2592х1936 pixels, autofocus, LED flashOperating System Microsoft Windows Phone 8 can be upgrade lớn AmberBattery Li-Ion 1300 mAh

How lớn Fix or Problem Solving for Recovery hãng nokia LUMIA 620 hang or not responding or malfunctions or stuck or freezing or bricked ?

Using nokia Lumia 620 can be run many applications download from Microsoft Marketplace. There are không tính tiền or pay applications, but vị not worry because we can tải về many free games or productivity applications. Some applications may have specific setting or specific hardware requirement which maybe can make problem when installed at NOKIA LUMIA 620, the problem can become hang or stuck or bricks or frozen or LCD cảm biến screen not responding. Some user maybe ask how to fix this problem. We can try to vị soft reset or restart or reboot NOKIA LUMIA 620 lớn force stop that applications và remove some cache or temporary files. If the problem still happen to NOKIA LUMIA 620, then we may need to vì chưng hard reset or master format.

How to Soft Reset or Reboot or Restart nokia LUMIA 620 ?

NOKIA LUMIA 620 have removable battery, so we can easily remove the battery and plug it again to bởi soft reset or reboot or restart NOKIA LUMIA 620. After put the battery at the right positions, we need khổng lồ turn on the phone to finish doing soft reset. If the NOKIA LUMIA 620 still at on position, then press and hold power nguồn Button for several second will show Slide down to power off at lcd screen. Please slide it down và the phone will power off. Turn it On again with pressing power Button.

#Option 1, How to Hard Reset hãng nokia LUMIA 620 with Setting Menu:

Please remember lớn backup your important data before doing the hard reset khổng lồ factory default, because all data and installed applications will be erased.

Turn on the NOKIA LUMIA 620Make sure the battery is fully charge or not emptyGo khổng lồ menu: Setting > About > Reset Your PhoneThe process of formatting nokia LUMIA 620 will vày by it self


#Option 2, How lớn Hard Reset hãng nokia LUMIA 620 with Hardware Button Key:

Now we have other option to lớn hard reset or format hãng nokia LUMIA 620 with hardware key button especially when the phone stuck or can not access to menu :


Please remember, we have to bởi two BIG STEP, vị it step by stepTurn off the NOKIA LUMIA 620BIG STEP ONE (a). Press & Hold the Power Button, bởi vì not release until the phone vibrate (if you feel the vibrate in hãng nokia LUMIA 620 then release the Power Button)BIG STEP ONE (b). Press and Hold the Volume Down Button, bởi not release until the LCD show the exclamation mark (if you see the exclamation mark in LCD, then release the Volume Down Button)

B. BIG STEP TWO (for this step, we need lớn finish all BIG STEP ONE first)

To continue reset, you have to vì the last step bellowPress Volume Up Button Key and releasePress Volume Down Button Key and releasePress Power Button Key and releasePress Volume Down Button Key and releaseThe the hãng nokia LUMIA 620 will bởi the hard reset format, wait about three until five minutes. While waiting you will see the gear appear until it finish.

Please remember, you have lớn follow the step From BIG STEP A until BIG STEP B by sequence.

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How to Restore & Reinstall Clean Microsoft Windows Phone 8 operating system / firmware at hãng nokia LUMIA 620 ?

By default the source tệp tin of NOKIA LUMIA 620 Windows Phone operating system already saved at this phone ROM safely, so the source tệp tin will not removed or erase when we bởi many time format or hard reset. In-fact, the hard reset or format step at NOKIA LUMIA 620 will automatically reinstall or restore the clean and factory default setting Microsoft Windows Phone operating system. Please remember to always backup all important data at NOKIA LUMIA 620 before doing hard reset or master format, because all data will be removed or wipe from NOKIA LUMIA 620.

How to lớn Unlock or Fix or Bypass or Solutions for nokia LUMIA 620 forgot password code or security lock screen pattern or sạc (lost password)?

To make our nokia LUMIA 620 phone more secure because we have many important data inside it, we can give security protection or lock screen at nokia LUMIA 620. The problem happen when we forget about the security password protection answer. How to lớn bypass it if we forget the security password protection? If we forget the answer, then we vì chưng not have other option except to lớn reinstall or hard reset hãng nokia LUMIA 620.

How to lớn Improve Performance nokia LUMIA 620 to make run more faster?

Many user have good experience when running their applications at NOKIA LUMIA 620. But we always suggest user to only install the important applications at NOKIA LUMIA 620, because although the performance of NOKIA LUMIA 620 is good, but many applications or wrong setting with the applications might make the NOKIA LUMIA 620 become slow or not too responsive. If you really need to make NOKIA LUMIA 620 back faster again lượt thích new, then you can vị hard reset or master format step above.

What is the Secret Code Key for Hard Reset hãng nokia LUMIA 620 ?

There is no secret code for doing hard reset or master format hãng nokia LUMIA 620. Just follow the step above to hard reset is the easy way to lớn do.

How to lớn Upgrade nokia LUMIA 620 to Microsoft Windows Amber or GDR2 Update Operating System ?

After several months of Microsoft Windows Phone 8 operating system released, then the upgrade is ready and it can be updated at nokia LUMIA 620 for upgrade to lớn Amber operating system. The update process is easy because the Amber version can be notified from our NOKIA LUMIA 620 screen. If we are not sure about the notifications, we can kiểm tra the new OS update version manually by doing :

Setting > Phone Update

Continue with press button check for updates

If the update ready for this smartphone, then we can tải về and follow the step, but the hãng nokia LUMIA 620 will give suggestion to use Wifi mạng internet connection to download the update.

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